How To Buy A Quality Copper Sink

To an inexperienced consumer, purchasing a copper sink can be a daunting task especially if they do not know what to consider. There are a lot of sinks in the market nowadays from various regions of the world, and constructed using different means. Making the right choice of sink is crucial as it will determine whether or not you purchase a quality, durable and functional sink. We understand the difficulties consumers face when choosing a suitable sink and have compiled and outlined some factors to consider and their importance in making your decision.

Type of finish

Patina is the process by which manufactures or artisan age the copper used in the making of a sink with a protective finish to prevent damage. Copper naturally has a bright appearance, and sink manufacturers often use various chemicals and processes to achieve the desired patina finish that makes the copper appear darker and warmer. The patina finish sometimes strips off, and the shiny underlying copper surface gets exposed. However, over time the copper sink re-patinas again and retains its dark appearance.

As a consumer, you may opt to purchase a patina finished copper sink or a sink that is un-lacquerer. Un-lacquered sinks will gradually develop a patina over time; however, they are not recommended in areas such kitchens as they can quickly get damaged. High quality copper sinks have a variety of finishes to choose from including Verde, antique, aged or, if you prefer, bare copper.

The style of mounting

Depending on your desired outcome, you can select a copper sink based on the fitting method you wish to use. There are various types of mounting styles including drop-in sinks, under mounted, vessel sinks, dual-flex and farmhouse. Depending on how your sink frame is designed, it is essential to choose a copper sink that is mounting compatible, else it will not fit properly, and it might leak. Sinkology premium copper sinks are available in all sorts of designs and mounts to suit any sink you want to install on your premises.

Copper gauge

A copper gauge is a measurement utilized to represent the thickness of copper. The gauge is usually calculated and denoted as the weight of the copper sink per square foot or square inch, depending on where the sink is manufactured. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the copper material used to construct the sink.

When shopping for a sink, it is essential to note that the recommended gauges for kitchens and bathrooms are 18-14 gauge (dent resistant thickness) and 20-18 gauge respectively. Hence, before purchasing a copper sink always inquire about the gauge so that you buy the right one for your kitchen or bathroom.

Additionally,  note that the thicker the gauge, the pricier the sink will be. Durable Sinkology copper sinks are available for both bathrooms and kitchens with gauges ranging from 14 -18.

Purity of the copper

100% pure copper has antimicrobial properties that prevent the thriving or germs and bacteria on the surface, and thus genuine copper sinks improve your homes’ hygiene. However, the main reason purity is a factor is because some countries use lead; which is not conducive for human consumption, as a filler material to reduce their production costs. Always ensure the copper sinks you intend to purchase are 100% or at least 99.98% pure copper. Copper sinks made by Sinkology are entirely free of lead and can also get recycled for environmental purposes.

Purchasing a copper sink is an investment in your kitchen or bathroom, as a result always use the above guidelines to select a durable and functional sink for your home.